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Address: Room A410,First Building,RongXi Center,No.711,South JiangNan Avenue,HaiZhu Area,Guangzhou City,China.

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Author: source: datetime: 2016-11-30 16:12:24

Located in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Siwei Printing Co.,Ltd, is a very professional printing and packaging factory,specialized in high quality printing and packaging products.With 16 years experience, our main products include paper bag,paper box,gift box,flyer printing,sticker,greeting card  and so on.


LITHRONE S29 7+1 COLOR UV printing machine which bought in 2015, it can be achieved in substrates glazing effect, forested effect, matte effect or UV texture effect, makes the packaging more stereo feeling and texture sense.It also has the anti-counterfeiting. What's more, we also have different kinds of printing machines.

LITHRONE S29 7+1 COLOR UV printing machine

With latest advanced processing machine as below to make sure the products we manufactured in a high quality level Hedeilburg printing machine CD102 from Germany,4 colors,1piece bought on 2005.

Ryobi92 printing machine from Japan,4 colors, 1 piece bought on 2010.

Xiaoshen Printing machine from Japan,5 colors,1 piece bought on 2013.

Xiaoshen Printing machine from Japan,4 colors,1 piece bought on 2014.

Xianshen UV printing machine from Japan 7+1 color,1 piece bought on 2014.

And we have few automatic die-cutting machines,and automatic gluing machine,and automatic folding machine.


More than 200 staffs, our packaging production capacity is 3000000 pcs per month.